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Behind a story, there is always another story.

Hello, my name is Rita Marques. I was born in Lisbon. Who knows me, the “fate” and that inter butterfly tell me I came to this world to communicate. I have been a journalist for 20 years. And it occurs to me to be also an environmentalist, writer, farmer, cook, kickboxer. A popular portuguese saying goes that there are no two without three, and I have lived in Spain, Angola and Canada.
I know the forgotten Portugal and the famous. After 9 years working as an executive editor in magazines, today I reconcile journalistic writing with social networking, storytelling and biography, written communication and self-expression of people and brands that value a more sustainable lifestyle and with purpose. There’s no secrets or passwords. What I know is for you too.


regenerative communication
Put my experience in the area of ​​content production and editing, at the service of the other and keeping in mind the regeneration. Helping brands and people communicate with themselves and others about their essence and story. Enhance self-expression through writing. Storytelling with purpose.
Writing has the transformative power of helping to create meaningful lives.
Ethics | Sustainability | Simplicity | Transparency
Knowledge | Involvement | Creativity | Optimism


what i do best
I write people, to people and for people. And how gratifying it is to find out self-expression and one’s potential and improve communication of yours stories and values.
Help build the editorial footprint in content creation and editing; tackle and beat the dreaded blank page when writing a story, article or press release.
It’s easy to work with me and the services are tailored to the needs of the person and / or your brand: Consulting & Advising | Biographies and Personal Stories.
What does it include?

content writing
Communication consultant
Editorial development

Social Media
Press notes

Personal Book
Chapter in Life
Family Stories


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