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Regenerative Communication


As we strive to preserve Earth’s resources, do you feel that we are also overexploiting our personal resources? For me, communication is one of them. We communicate wildly. We are exhausted. What if we were to also use our words sustainably? In this world overflowing with content, is yours authentic? Is it copied or do you create it using your inner resources? Feel what you say. I know that you have something to sell and that the world is a crazy place. But, one day, you and your words will be devoid of meaning. This is where I come in. I can help you discover the power of your words, your written planet.


I believe that we find the right words when we need them most. But to do so we have to delve into the depths of our emotions. This happens every time we find ourselves staring at a blank sheet of paper. That is why discovering our words, finding them deep within ourselves, requires time and patience and is very challenging. I believe that we should each put pen to paper and write. But we can do it together. You and me. I’ll be your personal editor. Someone who wants to create with you and help you communicate whatever you have to say.


Writing helps to express and arrange the million and one thoughts that race through our minds every day. Writing has a transformative effect that enables us to live a more purposeful life. By finding that meaning in our words, we embrace the regenerative power of communication. We then start communicating with a view to creating new life, to constantly discover and regenerate, like nature, generating lasting relationships and partnerships. Since you’ve come this far, take the next step towards making sure what you communicate is a reflection of your soul, a greater connection between you and others. Write to me!

Work with me

If you need help writing and creating content, I’ll be your personal editor, your right-hand woman, communication consultant and the ‘pesky’ voice in your ear when you’re talking nonsense! For me, there is nothing more rewarding than enhancing self-expression and a person’s potential, and improving how they share their stories and values; more rewarding than leaving footprints in the world of communication, with a lot of brainstorming, mentoring, content revision and editing, and more rewarding than facing and overcoming the dreaded blank page, when writing a story, an article or a press release. Working with me is easy, through creative sessions. Each session is unique and tailored to you and/or your brand.

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Let me tell you my story

Hi, my name is Rita Marques. I was born in Lisbon and I’ve been told that I came into this world to communicate. So say those who know me, my “zodiac sign” and my inner butterfly. I was a journalist by trade for 20 years. Today, I am an environmentalist, a writer, farmer, chef and kickboxer. Everything comes in threes, as the saying goes, and I’ve lived in Spain, Angola and Canada.
I know the forgotten and the famous Portugal. After nine years working as an executive editor for magazines, I now consult on journalistic writing for social media, from storytelling to biographies, written communication and the self-expression of people and brands that encourage a more sustainable and purposeful life. No secrets or passwords. My knowledge is your knowledge.


Shall we talk?

Feel free to share ideas, stories or ask me questions.

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