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Rita Marques

It’s monkey’s fault

My childhood smells like the sea, the mountains of Sintra, again the sea, the Beira Baixa and my grandmother’s cheese and sausages waiting for us in old kitchen with oil lamps illuminating the night when we arrived at the village from Lisbon. And it smells like dance, at parties that my parents and uncles organized for the whole family.
I’m the youngest of a cousin of cousins, those born of the 10 children of my maternal grandparents. But I’m mainly the swell of the books that filled my room, even before I could read, and the my memory of my sister and me sitting on the floor listening the real stories of our father, told by him as he narrated a Children’s tale. They were my favorites. Instead of the typical ones illustrations, showed Overseas letters and photographs.
Especially those of his monkey, adopted and always perched on the paternal shoulder that lived a war. It was looking at that monkey that I traced my destiny. Or was fate tracing me?
Chronicles, nature, people, travel, struggles and whys germinated in My inner planet. So I became a listener and a storyteller.
And I never ceased to be.



I untied my roots and I planted myself again in the land where I was born.

That is why I, who is not even Mary, heard this over and over again: “You are the Mary of Whys!” In fact, I think the damn journalism bug has always been inside me. And when I entered my youth, the whys increased. They were joined by who, what, when, where, and how when they got to college and the Social Communication course. The giant curiosity made me leave Portugal at the age of 20. I chose Seville. I have matured. Like Mrs. Responsibility and Mrs. Liberty. I interviewed refugees, lived the world! I returned. I made myself a journalist. I wrote and revealed hundreds of stories.
I stopped. And I went to know other narratives while working in a prison. I returned to journalism. And I returned to emigrate. Angola and then Canada. Two opposing worlds, more whys and more stories.
As I turned 30, the word longing came over me. I untied my roots and planted myself again in the land where I was born. I left freelance life and went back to the newsroom – always the press – but now as a

editor and editor-in-chief at a television and social magazine. We reconciled paper to online. I managed time, people and the harmony that must exist between editorial line, image and design. I lost count of the anonymous and famous experiences and stories I edited. And when I finally stopped to see, my life was full of chronicles, as I had dreamed of as a girl.
By this time, I began to feel like a wise bark tree. Yes, that’s when the 40s came. And like the planet, which needs to always be spinning and regenerating, I don’t know how to be quiet either.
That’s how I became executive editor, I started composing and editing content, dreams and projects of people and brands. An authentic… written planet! Today I have a clear vision of what I want: to support those who value a more sustainable lifestyle and to help with self-expression and written communication of beautiful, simple and purposeful narratives. Because behind a story, there is always some story.

Some chapters of my career

Correio da Manhã

My first steps in journalism were in the Sports section of CM. I will never forget my debut headline: the first interview given by João Garcia, still in the hospital, after escaping death on reaching the summit of Everest, on 18 May 1999.

Diário de Notícias

Memories of one of the most emblematic newspapers in the country, DN, and, for me, one of the most special periods of my life. This was followed by Tal & Qual, then the entry into the world of television magazines with TV7Dias. And several years telling stories of overcoming, disease, love and passion, of famous and anonymous.


In 2001, I decided to try living like a foreigner. A Spanish course in Seville and volunteering at the NGO España con UNHCR is an incredible experience that still makes me a bit Sevillian in certain aspects of life. But not only. In 2007, I left again, this time Luanda. From Angola, I wrote for newspapers and magazines, such as the US agency Bloomberg, Focus magazine and the extinct 24 Horas newspaper. That same year, I crossed the ocean and changed again from country and continent. During the months I was in Canada, I wrote for an emigrant newspaper and sent reports to Portugal. Today I have in me all these cultures and worlds.

TV Guia

Belonging to a magazine or two team leader at the same time as well as a website, believe me it’s crazy, but wonderful too. I excelled in many ways, as editor-in-chief / executive editor of TV Guia magazine, Flash magazine, and Flash and FlashVidas websites. It was 9 years of strong teamwork that taught me a lot.