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Back to Lisbon. New meetings and the launch of The Yellow Pet Book. Click on the book name, follow the link and take a peek!

Focus: Continue to decrease my ecological footprint. A slow, minimalist and sustainable life in small daily choices and habits.

Handwriting daily on my notebook, and using the Bullet Journal method, greatly helps me manage the time between:

Prepare two personal biographies … and think of the next one.

Edit beautiful texts by beautiful people.

Rafaela Garcez, who returns to continue applying the KonMari method to my home. After the office, now the kitchen.

Train 3 times a week – I promise.

Meditate, read, read, read, read, study.

Escape to the field. The family, the garden, the animals, the nature.

“De papo para o ar” doing nothing with my dog, Mel.

Laugh, love and hug my very much.

If you are interested in scheduling an interview, showing me your project or telling me life stories that gave a book, please fill out this form or send me an email to

Updated: September 1, 2019 (inspired by Derek Sivers)